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A Dog for all Seasons
Season 1
Number 14
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U.S. Air Date December 16, 2000
Previous You Cant Bite City Hall
Next Tallulahpalooza
A Dog for all Seasons is the fourteenth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1.


Spot tries to find out if dogs have any holiday traditions. Meanwhile, Mrs. Helperman has to write up a new holiday school play that includes all the kids' religious traditions, but finds it harder than she expected and gets a case of writers block and nearly goes nuts. 

Opening Title Cards Edit



  • Moral: The holidays are for being with family.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that the blue-skinned people are black and the golden skinned people are light tanned which similar to the Nickelodeon/Disney series Doug which also has multi-colored people.
    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Eleven Part One - S01E11 - A Dog For All Seasons07:24

    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Eleven Part One - S01E11 - A Dog For All Seasons

    Part One

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