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A Lick is Still A Kiss
Season 1
Number 5
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U.S. Air Date September 30, 2000
Previous Escaping Dog Trick
Next Being Mrs. Leadready

A Lick is Still a Kiss is the fifth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. 


Spot tells Leonard that Leslie uses pink lipstick as he licked her earlier that morning. When Leonard mentions this to the cool kids, they mistake what he said and end spreading a rumor that he and Leslie kissed on the lips.

This causes Leslie to never want to speak to Leonard again and nearly causes him to get sent to the "School For Losers", so Scott must help him by providing Strickler with the lipstick in question. It doesn't get much better when Strickler also threats Scott to the "School Of Losers" for defending him. As they both leave the room, Scott does his best to explain to the other classmates about how blind rumors can cause the downfall in any situation.

When the store runs out and his mom doesn't have it, they decide to sneak into Leslie's room and borrow it. When Scott finds it, Leslie is about to come in, so he takes off his costume in time. Leslie is shocked to see Spot in her own room and decides to take him back to Leonard's house. As Leslie brings Spot back home, she still refuses to speak to Leonard as she is still upset with him, which causes Leonard to give up hope until Spot reveals that he had picked up Leslie's lipstick on the way out.

Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Four - S01E04 - A Lick Is Still A Kiss-022:49

Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Four - S01E04 - A Lick Is Still A Kiss-0

The next day, Leonard's name is finally cleared and Strickler thinks he saved the day (despite not doing anything) and reveals he uses lipstick too for his chapped lips. The following morning, Leslie stops by Leonard's house to apologize about thinking that the rumors were true. When she points out that Leonard is still wearing his fire truck pajama jammies while outside, he runs back inside in embarrassment as Spot claims that this is why other men sleep in their "skippies".


  • Moral: Don't spread rumors.

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