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All About Eavesdropping
Season 2
Number 27
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U.S. Air Date April 26, 2002
Previous The Blight Before Christmas
Next The Nose Knows

All About Eavesdopping is the twenty seventh episode from Season 2 and is the forty third episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


Scott convinces Leslie to allow Leonard and himself to perform a magic act for her birthday party, so they can find out what girls want in a guy. So, they do a little eavesdropping, at least until they get caught.


  • Moral: Respect people's privacy.
  • The pizza Spot and Leonard were sitting on wasn't there before. 
  • The gifts Leslie receives are diamonds, jewelry, a cell phone, a radio, a backpack, and a stuffed bunny.

Availability Edit

  • This episode is available in a poor English VHS recording.

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