All About Eavesdropping
General information
Season No. 2
Series No. 37
U.S. Air Date April 26, 2002
Directed by Ennio Torresan, Jr.
Written by Jim Fisher & Jim Staahl
Episode chronology
Previous The Blight Before Christmas
Next The Nose Knows

All About Eavesdropping is the twenty-fourth episode from Season 2 and is the thirty-seventh episode of Teacher's Pet overall. It was directed by Ennio Torresan, Jr. and written by Jim Fisher and Jim Staahl.


Scott convinces Leslie to allow Leonard and himself to perform a magic act for her birthday party, so they can find out what girls want in a guy. So, they do a little eavesdropping, not realizing that the girls are onto their little schtick.
All About Eavesdropping episode image


Voice actor Role(s)
Nathan Lane Scott Leadready II
Shaun Fleming Leonard Helperman
Jerry Stiller Pretty Boy
David Ogden Stiers Mr. Jolly
Jeff Bennett Magician
Pat Musick Mrs. Dunkling, School intercom
Rob Paulsen Ian Wazselewski, Security system
Pamela Segall Adlon Tyler, Taylor and Trevor, Fourth grade girl
Wallace Shawn Principal Strickler
Cree Summer Chelsey and Kelsey, Fourth grade girls
Lauren Tom Younghee Mandel-Baum
Mae Whitman Leslie Dunkling


  • Moral: Respect people's privacy.
  • The pizza Spot and Leonard were sitting on wasn't there before. 
  • The gifts Leslie receives are diamonds, jewelry, a cell phone, a radio, a backpack, and a stuffed bunny.
  • Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Thirty Seven - S02E24 - All About Eavesdropping-149815059620:42

    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Thirty Seven - S02E24 - All About Eavesdropping-1498150596

    This episode marks the only appearance of Leslie's mother, Mrs. Dunkling (who is voiced by Mae Whitman's real-life mother, Pat Musick). Mr. Dunkling does not appear, but is mentioned, as he had bought Leslie her cell phone.
  • This is the last time Nathan Lane voices Spot until the movie.
  • The girls found out Spot and Leonard were eavesdropping because they overheard them in the closet.


  • This episode is available in a poor English VHS recording. A widescreen English version is also available, but nearly 30 seconds at the end of the second act had to use part of the VHSrip since the stream messed up.

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