Bad Fur Day
Season 2
Number 3
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U.S. Air Date October 6, 2001
Previous A Few Good Boys
Next The Tale of the Tell Tale Taffy
Bad Fur Day is the third episode from Season 2 and is the twentieth episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


Leonard gets a buzz cut that almost makes him look bald and Spot makes fun of it and won't stop. Due to some bad karma, Spot ends up having an appointment for the groomers. He ends up getting a fur-cut that makes him look like a poodle. He then worries that the kids at school will realize Scott happens to have the same haircut as Spot, and would eventually figure out that he is a dog. Scott wears a bigger hat and a coat to hide the fur, and makes Leonard take the laughter and verbal beatings for him. After realizing his mistake, Scott reveals his new haircut and gives out a speech, inspiring the kids to not judge someone for how they look. In the end, everyone gets a hybrid poodle buzzcut, to which Scott refers to them as wannabes.

Meanwhile, Jolly writes a love letter to a supermodel kitty named Miss Regina Fabalina Fancypaws, even though Pretty Boy doubts that he would never get a date with her, but in the end, he gets a reply to his fan letter, claiming that he knew that they would be together.


  • Moral: Don't judge people by the way they look and don't obsess with how you look.
  • In Spot's dream sequence, the massage therapist has five fingers instead of four.
  • Another reason Spot's haircut could've exposed him is because the hairdo was too tall for him to hide his ears underneath his hat.


An English and Russian dub of this episode exists online. Originally, the Toon Disney recording was missing nearly a minute and a half of the episode (Though the Russian version had the missing scene), but the ABC airing has been recently found with the missing scene intact. There is also a widescreen English version, but nearly 30 seconds at the end of the second act had to use part of the VHSrip since the stream messed up.

RUSSIAN) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Sixteen - S02E03 - Bad Fur Day20:53

RUSSIAN) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Sixteen - S02E03 - Bad Fur Day

(MIRRORED Full Version) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Sixteen - S02E03 - Bad Fur Day-021:08

(MIRRORED Full Version) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Sixteen - S02E03 - Bad Fur Day-0

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