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Being Mrs. Leadready
Season 1
Number 6
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U.S. Air Date October 7, 2000
Previous A Lick is Still A Kiss
Next Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie
Being Mrs. Leadready is the sixth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. 


Parent-Teacher Conference day is coming the next day, and Scott needs someone to dress up as his mother. After he explains in song about missing his birth mother, Leslie arrives and asks Leonard to remind his mom of all the nice things she's done for her before her Parent-Teacher Conference and Leonard agrees. When Leslie leaves, Scott has noticed that when he's nervous he sounds like a woman and asks him to impersonate his "mother" the next day.

When Leonard reluctantly decides to do so, Scott comes dressed up as a woman before Leonard's eyes when they decide to go into the classroom, Principal Strickler isn't fooled by Leonard's disguise but he's fooled by Scott's and attracted to it. However as always, Tallulah isn't fooled by Scott's disguise at all and goes hissing and scratching near "her". In the classroom, Mary invites "Mrs. Leadready" and Scott for dinner after being tempted by her delicious pot roast.

At home, Spot decides to ask Leonard, Mr. Jolly, and Pretty Boy for help. Pretty Boy does it cause he wants cracked sunflower seeds with no shells and the new issue of a dirty magazine, Jolly does it cause he wants new cans of warmed tuna, and Leonard does it for Spot/Scott's sake.

After eating a bunch of bacon-scallop's and a surprise visit by Strickler, Spot gets a stomach-ache after all those bacon-scallops. Leonard tells his mother the Leadreadys went home due to illness and she decides to hum a song to Spot and rock him to bed, realizing that in a way, Mary is his mom even if they aren't from the same blood.


  • Moral: Anyone can be family.
  • Spot would later dress as his "Mother" (along with the other members of his "family") again in the movie.
    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Five - S01E05 - Being Mrs22:24

    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Five - S01E05 - Being Mrs. Leadready

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