Chelsey and Kelsey are fraternal twin sisters of Leonard's class. They're two of Leslie's best friends and secret admirers of Scott Leadready. They think they're better than everyone and constantly fight with each other. They enjoy many girly things, and hanging out with their best friends, Leslie and Younghee. They're both voiced by Cree Summer voice of Susie Carmichael of Rugrats/All Grown Up, .


Being twins, Chelsey and Kelsey are both 10 years old. Chelsey is a girl with blonde hair and golden-yellow skin. She wears a pink tank-top with blue flowers, blue jeans, matching strappies, and pink lip gloss. Kelsey is a girl with blue skin and black hair. She wears a green tank top, magenta sweatpants, and matching strappies.
Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 6.44.46 PM

Chelsey and Kelsey


  • Chelsey and Kelsey share the same voice actor, roles, qualities, and traits of Tessa and Vanessa James of Disney's Pepper Ann.
  • Likewise, they are both voiced by Cree Summer.[1][2][3] Although in some episodes, Kelsea is voiced by Mae Whitman ("You Can't Bite City Hall") and Pam Segall ("Bad Fur Day").
  • Chelsey likes her pink blanket.
  • Kelsey likes her fuzzy muzzy which is a slipper.
  • "A Dog for all Seasons" reveals they celebrate Kwanzaa.


For more pictures of Chelsey and Kelsey click here.



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