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Principal Crosby Strickler (voiced by Wallace Shawn) the archetypal mean-spirited and yet incompetent school principal. He despises dogs due to an incident he had with one in fourth grade, and his cat, Tallulah is more than aware that Scott who is a dog by always hissing and scratching whenever he is near. He will not rest untill every child in EastWestland has gone to his school. He's a control freak, a neat freak and a freak in general. He also is pretty odd as revealed in A Lick is Still a Kiss as he suffers from chapped lips and uses pink lipstick. 


  • Strickler shares the voice actor, occupation, and personality traits of Principal Mazur of A Goofy Movie.
  • He is the 3rd Disney character to be voiced by Wallace Shawn The others are, Principal Mazur and Rex
  • He can be Strict like principal Prickly from recess.
  • He also had Scott as his assistant once.
  • He doesn't know that Talluah his cat is evil.
  • He has an rv.
  • He hates dogs.
  • He was bitten by a dog when he was in fourth grade,
  • He uses lipstick.
  • He is protective of his cat.


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