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Season 2
Number 14
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U.S. Air Date Febuary 8, 2002
Previous What's Sweat Gotta Do With It?
Next Taint Valentines Day

Dogfight is the fourteenth episode from Season 2 and is the thirty first episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


Leonard can't play basketball, so Scott teaches him. The two are then challenged by two fifth-graders to a two-on-two game. After being congratulated, Scott and Leonard have an argument on a bad pass. So the other kids force them to settle it man to man; but wanting to avoid actually hurting each other, they try to pretend to fight each other. In the meantime, after being insulted about his bravery for the last time, Mr. Jolly warns Pretty Boy that at some point he's gonna get him back, to which puts Pretty Boy on edge.


  • Moral: Violence is never the answer.


An English VHSrip/Widescreen version, and Tagalog Dub exists online.

(MIRRORED) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Five - S02E12 - Dogfight-142799296821:10

(MIRRORED) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Five - S02E12 - Dogfight-1427992968

(FILIPINO) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Five - S02E12 - Dogfight22:05

(FILIPINO) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Five - S02E12 - Dogfight


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