Executive producer: Gary Baseman
Executive producers: Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Co-executive producer: Jesse Winfield
Producer: Nancy Lee Myatt
Post production directed by: Don MacKinnon
Associate producer: Michele Furuichi-Yost
Story editor: David Maples
Storyboard by: Tina Kugler
Robert Onorato
Timing directors: John Kimball
Mircea Mantta
With the voice talents of: Nathan Lane as Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready
Shaun Fleming as Leonard Helperman
Debra Jo Rupp as Mrs. Helperman
Jerry Stiller as Pretty Boy
David Ogden Stiers as Mr. Jolly
Additional voice talents of: Pamela Segall Adlon
Jason Marsden
Rob Paulsen
Justin Lanning
Voice casting & dialogue director: Julie Morgavi
Art director: Gary Baseman
Character design: Marc Perry
Key location design: Jon Fisher
Prop design: Michael B. Singleton
Key background stylists: Seonna Hong
Dale Sizer
Lead color key stylist/FX director: Christina Long
Color key stylist: Jackie Stewart
Main title directed by: Tim Björklund
John Kimball
Main title storyboard by: T. Björklund
Fred Gonzales
Celia Kendrick
Chuck Klein
Melissa Suber
Production manager: Krist-Ann Pehrson
Production supervisor: Michael Gracey
Storyboard revisions: Leo Pinero
Continuity coordinators: Ralph Migliori
Robin Police
Technical director: Joe Cop
BG key color correction: Dean Stanley
Main title theme written and produced by: Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
Music consultant: Andy Hill
Additional music by: Stephen James Taylor
Animation production by: Wang Film Productions Co., LTD.
Animation directors: Arion Chang
Marian Lin
Layout director: Ander Yah
Art director: Vincent Liu
Post production sound services: Advantage Audio, Inc.
Sound design: Paca Thomas
Dialogue editor: Robbi Smith
Music editor: Marc S. Perlman, M.P.S.E.
Foley artist: Phyllis Ginter
Foley recordist: Kris Daly
Digital audio transfer: J. Lampinen
Re-recording mixers: Melissa Ellis
Fil Brown
On-line editor: Steven Sjolund
Film editor: Susan Edmundson
Assistant film editor: Lisa Davis
Track reader: Christine Craig
Post production manager: Steve Arenas
Post production supervisor: Craig Sawzcuk
Audio supervisor: Victor Garcia
Post production coordinator: Mike Harrigan
Production coordinators: Christopher G. Collins
Jefferey Rigler
Wade Wisinski
Production associates: Shawn Eddie
Yvette Espinosa
Production secretaries: Julie Mai
Glennon Poirier
Production accountant: Kathy Rung
Casting manager: David H. Wright III
Talent coordinator: Brian L. Mathias
Script manager: Anita Lish
Script coordinators: Leona Jernigan
Carolyn Scully
Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation
©2001 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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