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Dont Make My Brown Eyes Green
Season 2
Number 10
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U.S. Air Date January 25, 2002
Previous No Substitutions Please
Next Mr. Jolly: Man... or Mouser?
Dont Make My Brown Eyes Green is the tenth episode from Season 2 and is the twenty seventh episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


Scott teaches Leonard how to play fetch — or fetch-it, after Leonard says it's boring. That backfires the next day in school, when everyone is bored, trying to think of something to do. While Scott is off getting a drink of water, Leonard teaches everyone the game of Fetch-it-ball, which is just fetch, only with teams and scoring. When Scott comes back from his drink of water and finds everyone playing fetch, he's surprised. When he finds out he didn't get any credit for fetch-it... ball, he's even more surprised, and begins to get a little jealous. Later that day, while Scott tries to come up with a game to combat the "grand game of fetch-it", the fourth graders, led by Leonard, get pummeled by the fifth graders in fetch-it-ball and Leonard and Scott decide to work together to win the game.


  • Moral: Don't let envy get the better of you.

Availability Edit

An English VHSrip and a widescreen Filipino dub exists online. An English Widescreen version exists as well, but the audio is ripped from the VHSrip because the audio wasn't properly recorded.

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