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Double Dog Dare
Season 2
Number 23
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U.S. Air Date March 29, 2002
Previous The Turkey that Came to Dinner
Next Attack of the 50 Inch Girl

Double Dog Dare is the twenty third episode from Season 2 and is the fortieth episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


While playing truth or dare, Leonard must tell who his favorite girl in the class is. If he says "Leslie", it might ruin their friendship and everyone might laugh at him, and if he lies and says "Younghee", then Younghee might kiss him to death and Leslie might reveal to have liked him and he'll break her heart. So instead, he chooses dare, but things get crazy.


  • This is the 3rd time Younghee's crush on Leonard is shown.
  • It's revealed that everyone knew that Leonard's favorite girl was Leslie.
  • Nathan Lane returns as the voice of Spot/Scott in this episode.
  • Pretty Boy breaks the fourth wall at the end by asking the audience what they're staring at. This is the first time someone breaks the fourth wall.

Availability Edit

An English VHSrip/Widescreen version, and Russian Dub exists online.

RUSSIAN) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Thirty Three - S02E20 - Double Dog Dare20:29

RUSSIAN) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Thirty Three - S02E20 - Double Dog Dare

Disney's Teacher's Pet - S02E20 - Double Dog Dare22:53

Disney's Teacher's Pet - S02E20 - Double Dog Dare

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