Emma Whitemill[1] is a kindergartner and minor character in Teacher's Pet. She is voiced by Nicolette Little in her first two appearances, and by Cree Summer in "Attack of the 50 Inch Girl".



Emma has blue hair, tied into pigtails. She has yellow skin, and wears a red shirt, blue pants and red shoes.

Role in the show

"Rule of Paw"

Emma made her first appearance in this episode, where she showed Spot and Leonard her pink bow named Dolly. Then she put it in her stroller, but right when the bell rang she gasped and accidentally pushed her stroller down the front stairs of the school, but luckily Scott saved her from the crowd of kids running towards her, and after that she chased after her bow. Then she happily took her bow and skipped away. She later appears in the same episode protesting Scott's increasingly strict rules as playground monitor.

"Never Take Candy From a Kindergartner"

She has a much larger role in this episode, being part of the central plot. After Leonard and Scott visit her, she develops crushes on them, and began giving candy to Leonard and Spot, not knowing they where taking advantage of her. They later apologized for their actions, and Emma sets her sites on a fellow Kindergartner in class, Eli.

"Attack of the 50 Inch Girl"

In Emma's last speaking appearance, she briefly appears coming out of the girls' bathroom, where Scott asks if any other girls are in there, as well as if there was anything incriminating on the walls, which she replied "no" each time.


  • Her father is owner of the local candy shop, which is why she has an endless supply of it.
  • Emma's primary voice actress, Nicolette Little, also voiced Lloyd's younger sister Francine in Lloyd in Space.


  1. "Never Take Candy From a Kindergartner"

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