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This is the episode guide for the animated series Teacher's Pet. The show's first episode premiered on September 9, 2000, and finished its run on May 10, 2002. A film, also titled Teacher's Pet, was released on January 16, 2004 to properly end the series and its storylines.

The first season and early season two episodes premiered on ABC, as part of its One Saturday Morning block. However, new episodes began premiering on Toon Disney beginning January 11, 2002; the final episode to premiere on ABC was "Taint Valentine's Day". Following that episode, the rest of them premiered exclusively on Toon Disney, with reruns being aired on both channels. Reruns stopped on ABC once the One Saturday Morning block was retired in September 2002, but it was still shown on Toon Disney until 2006, when reruns ceased there as well. It has not aired in the United States since, but has been shown in other countries, most notably the Philippines.

Episodes are split by season, and include the following information: the series and season episode numbers, episode title and its card, airdate, and the directors and writers. A brief plot synopsis is presented in the template, as well as guest voices if applicable. Please note the airdate used is the first time an episode aired in the United States, and does not represent premieres in other countries.


Season 1 (2000-2001)

The first season contained 13 episodes, with 4 of them containing two segments; in such cases, the letters a and b are used after the episode number to indicate the first and second segments. Every episode in the first season was directed by Timothy Björklund. Michael Price served as co-executive producer.

Overall No. Season No. Title card Episode title Airdate Directed by Written by
Season 1 (2000-2001)
1 1
"Muttamorphosis" September 9, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Leonard Helperman starts his first day of fourth grade at Fala D. Roosevelt Elementary School, with his mother Mary Lou as the class teacher. Meanwhile, Spot, Leonard's dog, decides to follow his dream of being a boy and going to school with Leonard as Scott Leadready II.
Guest star: Tara Charendoff as Additional voices
2 2
"Pet Project" September 16, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Leonard and his class must write reports on their pets. To prevent Mary Lou and their classmates from finding out about Scott's identity, Leonard chooses to do a report on the Helperman's canary Pretty Boy, while Scott does his on the house cat Mr. Jolly, who has black ash on his fur to pass him off as another cat breed.
Guest stars: Pat Musick as Mary Beth, David Sabella as Pretty Boy's singing voice
3a 3a
"Movin' on Pup" September 23, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Scott performs so well on the N.A.S.T.Y. test that an impressed Principal Strickler promotes him to the fifth grade. However, Scott has trouble adjusting to the new curriculum, and peer pressure gets the better of him when his new friends encourage him to bully Leonard.
Guest stars: Clancy Brown as Fifth grade teacher, Unknown (at this time) as Miles
3b 3b
"Escaping Dog Trick" September 23, 2000 Timothy Björklund Ford Riley
After Leonard and Scott go get ice cream, Mary Lou believes Spot has run away. She decides to set up an electronic fence and puts a special collar on Spot that senses when he leaves, making it impossible for him to go to school as Scott, much to his sadness. Leonard and Spot try to figure out a way to bypass the fence and remove his collar so he can go back to school.
Guest star: Patrick Warburton as Officer Doggytime
4 4
"A Lick is Still a Kiss" September 30, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Spot licks Leslie Dunkling's face, and finds out she wears lemonade lip gloss with "just a hint o' mint". Leonard mentions this to his class, who misinterpret it as meaning he kissed Leslie, which puts a strain on their friendship. Leonard must dispel the rumor so he and Leslie can be friends again.
Guest star: Rita Wilson as Cosmetics saleswoman
5 5
"Being Mrs. Leadready" October 7, 2000 Timothy Björklund Laura McCreary
On parent-teacher night, Spot needs someone to play his mother. As he can not find anyone, he must play his mother, Scott and himself all at the same time. Things get further complicated when Mary Lou invites Scott's mother for dinner.
6a 6a
Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie title card
"Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie" October 28, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Ian Wazselewski announces to the class that he is holding a sleepover to celebrate his birthday. No is interested, until Scott says he and Leonard will be there, mainly because Scott wants to experience his first sleepover. Before going, Leonard admits he has never been to a sleepover before either, and is scared. They ultimately have a good time at Ian's house.
Guest stars: Grey DeLisle and Fred Willard as Mrs. and Mr. Wazselewski, respectively.
6b 6b
"Costume Pity Party" October 28, 2000 Tim Björklund Michael Price
On Halloween, Mary Lou's class go to school wearing costumes, with the exception of Leonard, who was bullied the previous Halloween for wearing one. Scott is excited about celebrating his first Halloween as a boy, but the thread in his costume rips apart thanks to a twig, and is now naked, only wearing his glasses. He and Leonard are worried this will blow his cover, but everyone thinks he's wearing a convincing dog costume, much to their relief. However, trouble arises when he learns that he must take his "costume" off.
Guest stars: Clancy Brown as Fifth grade teacher, Brad Garrett as Dutch Calenza, Unknown (at this time) as Fred
7 7
"Scott's Honor" November 4, 2000 Timothy Björklund Michael Price
After Spot finds out Leonard is a member of a boy scout troop, he wants to join as well, but Leonard warns him he may not succeed due to the fact dogs are color blind.
Guest stars: Kath Soucie as Amber Lee, young children and a kitten, Marc Wilmore as Steve Kanickee
8 8
"Fifi" November 11, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Scott and his classmates go to the circus for a field trip, and there he meets Fifi, a French poodle. He instantly falls in love with her, and she is smitten by him, but Fifi informs him she is a member of a traveling circus, and therefore doesn't stay in one location for very long. This forces Spot to make a tough decision: stay with the Helpermans, or leave with Fifi.
Guest stars: Jim Cummings as Emilio, a clown and the train conductor, Bernadette Peters as Fifi
9a 9a
"Bad to the Bone" November 18, 2000 Timothy Björklund Jim Patterson & Stephen Leff
Scott sticks his head outside the window on the bus, and gets a red slip put in his permanent record. This encourages him to be as bad as possible, much to Leonard's concern.
Guest star: Tress MacNeille as Bus driver
9b 9b
55286 19477 37641
"Always Knock the Postman Twice" November 18, 2000 Timothy Björklund Story by: Gary Baseman
Written by: Ford Riley
During career day, Scott insults Teddy's father, Mr. Naven, who is a mailman, by making false and hurtful statements about people who deliver mail. His comments get him into trouble at school, and Leonard tries to help Scott and his dog friends with their prejudice toward mailmen.
Guest stars: Tino Insana as Astronaut, Don Lake as C. K. Dexter Naven and Pizzaman
10 10
"You Can't Bite City Hall" December 2, 2000 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
The kids are excited for the upcoming skateboard park, and so is Spot, until he learns the dog park will be demolished to make way for the skate park. As he loves both skateboarding and playing in the park, Spot is torn over whose side he should be on: the kids or his fellow dog friends.
Guest star: Kath Soucie as Joan of Ark (uncredited)
11 11
"A Dog for All Seasons" December 16, 2000 Timothy Björklund Story by: Ford Riley
Written by: Ford Riley & Michael Price
Mary Lou decides to write an original play, celebrating all of her students' holiday traditions. Meanwhile, Spot tries to find out if dogs themselves have a holiday.
Guest stars: Tress MacNeille as Librarian, John Mahoney as Tim Tim Tim, Fred Willard as Mr. Wazselewski
12 12
"Tallulahpalooza" January 6, 2001 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Mary Lou must petsit Principal Strickler's cat, Tallulah, who wreaks havoc around the house and stresses everyone out, except Mr. Jolly, who has developed a crush on her.
Guest stars: Tress MacNeille as Tallulah, Frank Welker as Animal sounds
13a 13a
"Saving Mr. Jolly" January 13, 2001 Timothy Björklund Cade Chilcoat
Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy both leave the house separately, believing they have each been kidnapped. They set out to find Leonard, who is at school, to help them, where they find not only each other, but also Tallulah, who wants to eat Pretty Boy. Mr. Jolly must be brave to save his best friend.
Guest star: Tress MacNeille as Tallulah
13b 13b
"Rule of Paw" January 13, 2001 Timothy Björklund Ford Riley
After Scott chastises Tyler for slacking as playground monitor, Principal Strickler makes Scott the new monitor. However, Scott becomes increasingly more strict, to the point the kids can hardly move around at all without getting a pink slip. He and Leonard meet in school court to make him realize he has gone mad with power.
Guest star: Nicolette Little as Emma Whitemill

Season 2 (2001-2002)

The second season contained 26 episodes, 4 of them having two segments. Jess Winfield assumed the role of co-executive producer, while Nancylee Myatt became a producer.

The first half of Season 2 was aired on two channels concurrently: ABC and Toon Disney. For this reason, some fans consider them to be "Season 2a" (ABC episodes) and "Season 2b" (in reference to Toon Disney). That said, they will all be listed in the same template, as they were produced as one season.

Overall No. Season No. Title card Episode title Airdate Directed by Written by
Season 2 (2001-2002)
14 1
"Never Take Candy from a Kindergartner" September 22, 2001 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Kindergartner Emma develops crushes on Leonard and Scott, who don't return the feelings but use her for her candy, as her father is owner of the local candy shop. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy bet who can survive the longest without doing the things they love: ringing a bell (Pretty Boy) and using a scratch post (Mr. Jolly).
Guest stars: Nikita Hopkins as Eli, Nicolette Little as Emma Whitemill
15 2
"A Few Good Boys" September 29, 2001 Timothy Björklund Michael Price
Leonard and Scott must do community service as part of the Junior Boy Ranger troop they are in. Leonard helps senior citizens at a nursing home, while Scott helps newborn kittens at a shelter. However, they both find their tasks more difficult than they thought they would be.
Guest stars: Michael Galasso as Gary, Tino Insana as Steve Kanickee and Lawyer, Martin Metcalf as Old man #2, Kath Soucie as Old woman and kittens, Susan Tolsky as Cat shelter owner
16 3
"Bad Fur Day" October 6, 2001 Timothy Björklund Story by: Gary Baseman
Written by: David Maples
Leonard gets a bad haircut, which Spot makes fun of him for. But karma soon strikes Spot, who himself gets a bad grooming, and now looks like a poodle. Leonard and Spot must find a way to avoid teasing while also not revealing Scott's true identity.
Guest star: Kath Soucie as Daphne, Regina Fabalina Fancypaws, Ruth, Female customer, Women #1 and #2, Computer and other additional voices
17 4
"The Tale of the Telltale Taffy" October 27, 2001 Alfred Gimeno David Maples
Leonard promises his mother that he and Scott will only trick or treat on their block, which offers fruit and vegetables instead of candy. However, Scott convinces Leonard to get candy on the other side of the street. Leonard feels increasing guilt of breaking the promise he made to Mary Lou, and eventually confesses to her what he did. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy suspect Spooky, a cat who has entered their home, of being a vampire.
Guest stars: Tim Curry as Spooky, Kevin Schon as Scott's singing voice, Kath Soucie as Old woman
18 5
"Don't Count Your Chickies Before They Hatch" November 3, 2001 Alfred Gimeno Nicholas Hope & Jessie Jones
Scott wants to go to the upcoming air show, but it conflicts with his responsibility of taking care of unhatched chicken eggs for his class. The light bulb for the incubator dies, and while searching for a new one, he sees the air show. Scott must decide between being there or taking care of the eggs.
Guest star: Maurice LaMarche as Franklin D. Roosevelt and pilots named Chick
19a 6a
"Strickler's Pet" January 11, 2002 Timothy Björklund Mark Steen
Principal Strickler bets if his students can read 2,000 books by the end of the month, he will shave his head and paint it purple. To prevent that from happening, he hires his best student, Scott, as "Junior Deputy Vice Principal", who is unaware of Strickler's true intentions.
Note: This is the first episode to premiere on Toon Disney, rather than ABC.
19b 6b
"Fresh 'n' Frozey Chocolaccino" January 11, 2002 Timothy Björklund Story by: George McGrath
Written by: Nancylee Myatt
Leonard wants to buy a scooter, so he and Scott decide to set up a "Fresh n' Frozey Chocolaccino" stand, selling their drink of the same name in exchange for money. Business booms at first, until they run out of the ingredients, and are forced to sell just ice.
Guest stars: Jeff Bennett as Max, male customers and Boy #2, Sharonlee McLean as Female customers
Note: This is the first episode where Spot/Scott is fully voiced by Kevin Schon, as Nathan Lane had begun acting in the Broadway musical The Producers during production of season 2 and was unable to play the role in select episodes.
20 7
"The Grass Seed is Always Greener..." January 18, 2002 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Pretty Boy has PMS (Pre-migrational syndrome), which causes him to fly out of the house and into the outdoors. Leonard and Spot try to look for him, while Mr. Jolly fasts until Pretty Boy returns.
Guest star: Kevin M. Richardson as Free Bird and Fabulous Gelatin singer
21 8
"No Substitutions, Please" January 19, 2002 Alfred Gimeno Nicholas Hope & Jessie Jones
Mary Lou comes down with a cold, and is unable to teach necessitating a substitute teacher in her place. Leonard and most of the class are thrilled, with the exception of Scott, who doesn't like the idea of someone who isn't Mary Lou teaching him.
Guest star: Grey DeLisle as Miss Deweygood
22 9
"Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Green" January 25, 2002 Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Leonard tells his classmates he invented the game "Fetch-it Ball", which becomes a sensation around the schoolyard. However, Spot is jealous, as he was the one who originated the game, and doesn't want Leonard to take the credit for his invention.
Guest star: Jason Marsden as Max
23a 10a
"Mr. Jolly: Man..... or Mouser?" January 26, 2002 Timothy Björklund & Alfred Gimeno Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Leonard bets his mother that Mr. Jolly can catch a mouse in five minutes, before pest control can arrive. Tom and Jerry-esque antics ensue.
Guest star: Nika Futterman as Margarita Ratoncita
23b 10b
"Party Animal" January 26, 2002 Alfred Gimeno Story by: Cade Chilcoat
Written by: Billiam Coronel
As Leonard's 10th birthday approaches, Spot and the other pets want to plan a surprise party for him, despite Leonard not wanting one.
24 11
"What's Sweat Got to Do with It?" February 1, 2002 Timothy Björklund Jim Staahl & Jim Fisher
The fourth grade class must do a square dance performance. Leonard is paired with Leslie, but trouble arises when Leonard's palms get sweaty any time he's near her.
Guest star: Armin Shimerman as Principal Nash Brickler (scenes deleted)
25 12
"Dogfight" February 8, 2002 Timothy Björklund David Maples
After losing a game of basketball to fifth graders Max and Miles, Leonard and Scott get in a heated argument, and their colleagues suggest they should fight to settle the score. Not wanting to hurt each other, they decide to fake a fight instead.
Guest stars: Justin Lanning as Miles, Jason Marsden as Max, Gary, Fourth grader and other additional voices
26 13
"Taint Valentine's Day" February 9, 2002 Ennio Torresan, Jr. Billiam Coronel
Leonard, depressed about not getting any cards for Valentine's Day, is given 15 of them at school. He later discovers all of them were from Spot, who wanted Leonard to feel loved. However, the girls in class find out all of them are written exactly the same, and believe Leonard sent them to himself. Scott tries to prove Leonard did not write them without revealing his true identity.
Note: Last episode to premiere on ABC. Beginning with the next episode, all episodes premiere exclusively on Toon Disney.
27 14
"Science Not Fair" February 15, 2002 Don MacKinnon Billiam Coronel
The kids are doing science projects at school as part of the science fair; Leonard chooses to do one on whistles and how they effect different animals, while Scott does his on photosynthesis. However, Mary Lou mistakes Scott's invention as Leonard's, and they switch projects so as to not reveal Spot's secret. As Leonard knows little about photosynthesis, Spot helps him through song so he can learn about it; Leonard returns the favor by helping Spot with his project on whistles at the science fair.
Guest star: Michael Galasso as Gary
28 15
"To Bee or Not to Bee" February 22, 2002 Donald V. MacKinnon David Maples
Scott is Fala D. Roosevelt Elementary School's best speller, and will face South East-Westland spelling bee champion Eric Mark Kravitz in the finals of a spelling bee tournament. Kravitz spends most of his free time spelling complicated words, and has no friends. Leonard and Scott pretend to like him so they can learn his spelling techniques.
Guest stars: Blake Ewing as Eric Mark Kravitz, Armin Shimerman as Principal Nash Brickler
29 16
"One Dog's Junk" March 1, 2002 Alfred Gimeno Jim Staahl & Jim Fisher
Leonard accidentally sells Spot's beloved Squeaky Burger toy, and Spot is distraught over the loss of his favorite toy. He becomes mortified when he learns Ian now owns the toy. Scott tries to get it back, to no avail. Meanwhile, Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly both try to buy a Squeaky Burger toy for Spot to replace the old one.
30a 17a
"Team Scott" March 8, 2002 Donald V. MacKinnon Billiam Coronel
Junior Boy Rangers troop leader Steve Kanickee desperately wants his team to win the Ranger Confab, and to defeat the Wolf Pack, who have been the reigning champions for the past decade. He believes the only way his troop can win is if Scott does all the events by himself. This works well at first, but it causes Scott's ego to get the better of him, with he and his team going the wrong way while searching for a mountain.
Guest star: Tino Insana as Steve Kanickee
30b 17b
"Take Me Out of the Ballgame" March 8, 2002 Timothy Björklund Story by: Jonathan Goldstein & Roger Schulman
Written by: John Reynolds & Mike Samonek
Scott coaches Leonard on how to play baseball, as Scott is exempt from playing himself due to only being a student for 8 months. His overzealous coaching style irritates Leonard, his teammates and the other coaches to no end.
Guest stars: Bob Uecker as Umpire, Fred Willard as Mr. Wazselewski and Fan #2, Tom Wilson as Baseball coach #1
31 18
"Inspector Leadready II" March 15, 2002 Timothy Björklund & Ennio Torresan, Jr. Jim Staahl & Jim Fisher
Mrs. Helperman's class are doing reports on countries and continents. When Leslie's map of Brazil is found ruined, Leonard is believed to be the culprit as he was the only one at the scene of the crime. Scott plays Sherlock Holmes to clear his best friend's name.
32 19
"The Turkey That Came to Dinner" March 22, 2002 Ennio Torresan, Jr. Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
On Thanksgiving day, Spot and the other pets must stay in the closet, as Grandma Rose, who is allergic to them, is coming for a visit. They are later joined by Rose's turkey Lurkey. Meanwhile, Leonard becomes addicted to a video game that his grandmother bought for him, Catch the Blob.
Guest stars: William Sanderson as Lurkey, Kevin Schon as Scott's singing voice, Betty White as Grandma Rose
33 20
"Double Dog Dare" March 29, 2002 Alfred Gimeno Jess Winfield
The kids play Truth or Dare during recess, and Leonard is asked to tell everyone who his favorite girl in the class is. He is scared that if he says Leslie he will be made fun of, so instead he accepts a dare. The dare in question? Stealing Principal Strickler's toupee and putting it on the Franklin D. Roosevelt statue. At home, Mr. Jolly gets a new electronic litter box, but is easily frightened by it.
Guest stars: Jeff Bennett as Electronic litter box and Narrator on TV, Sydney Walsh as Miss Sproutwell
34 21
"Attack of the Fifty Inch Girl" April 5, 2002 Ennio Torresan, Jr. Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
New girl Fred Bitters constantly bullies Scott, so much so he loses his passion to go to school.
Guest star: Nancy Cartwright as Fred Bitters and Woman on TV
35 22
"The Flipper" April 12, 2002 Ennio Torresan, Jr. Billiam Coronel
Scott teaches Leonard how to flip cards, and he becomes quite good at the game. However, the two start to butt heads over who is the better player, and have a showdown to determine who is best at the game.
Guest star: Kevin Schon as Scott's singing voice
36 23
"The Blight Before Christmas" April 19, 2002 Alfred Gimeno David Maples
Leonard wants to get the Mach III Game Command for Christmas, but they're all sold out. Meanwhile, Spot wants to claim a $500 reward for a lost dog, but eventually realizes some things are more important than money.
Guest stars: Jeff Bennett as Moby Dog, his owner and other additional voices, Gabrielle Carteris as Charlotte Dog, her owner and female customer
37 24
"All About Eavesdropping" April 26, 2002 Ennio Torresan, Jr. Jim Fisher & Jim Staahl
At Leslie's birthday party, Leonard and Scott perform magic acts, all of which fail miserably. After the act, Scott convinces Leonard to eavesdrop along with him to find out what girls like. The girls, who are aware of the boys' plans, intentionally state ridiculous things as things girls like to get back at them for invading on their conversation.
Guest stars: Jeff Bennett as Magician, Pat Musick as Mrs. Dunkling and School intercom
Note: Last episode to feature Nathan Lane as the voice of Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II. Following this episode, Kevin Schon takes over the role permanently.
38a 25a
"The Nose Knows" May 3, 2002 Alfred Gimeno Jim Fisher & Jim Staahl
After eating the school's Thursday Surprise, Scott believes it is the same dog food he ate this morning as Spot. He has to prove this without arising suspicion about his identity.
Guest star: April Winchell as Clancy the lunch lady
Note: This episode is an animated adaption of a comic book version of the series, featured in Disney Adventures, titled "Food for Thought!", released in October 2000, written by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner, pencils by Steven Butler and Gary Baseman, inks by Butler, and letters and colors provided by John Green, on pages 84-87.
38b 25b
"Don't Bite the Hound That Feeds You" May 3, 2002 Alfred Gimeno Story by: Billiam Coronel
Written by: David Maples
Spot gets fleas, and tries his best not to scratch so they can have a symbiotic relationship. However, the plans fall through, and instead he and Leonard give the fleas a new host: Ian.
39 26
"A Breed Apart" May 10, 2002 Ennio Torresan, Jr. Jess Winfield
Spot, curious about what breed he is, goes to a dog show with Leonard to find out. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly's father, who he hasn't seen since he was a kitten, has come by for a visit.
Guest stars: Jeff Bennett as Male dog owners #2 and #4 and Leroy, Tara Strong as Female dog owners and Hoover, Ray Wise as Mr. Poppy Puttinpuss


The DVD for the film was released on June 15, 2004.[1]

Title card Title Directed by Written by Release date
Movie: 2004
Teacher's Pet Timothy Björklund Bill & Cheri Steinkellner January 16, 2004
After attending school with Leonard for a year, Spot is still not satisfied with his desire to be a boy. He eventually decides the only way he will be is if he can somehow become a human boy.

Guest stars: Genie Ann Francis as Marsha, Anthony Geary as John, Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Ivan Krank, Estelle Harris as Mrs. Boogin, Rosalyn Landor as The Blue Fairy, David Maples as Beefeater, Megan Mullally as Adele, Paul Reubens as Dennis, Kevin M. Richardson as Conductor, Timothy Stack as Father, Emma Steinkellner as Little girl, Ken Swofford as Officer White, Jay Thomas as Barry Anger

Note: This movie serves as the series finale.



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