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Ian Wazselewski[1] is the "class weirdo" who likes to do seemingly strange and disgusting things with his imaginary friend, Moltar. In the show, he has a secondary role. In the movie, he has a fairly large role. Ian owns various creepy and off-putting animals mainly consisting of snakes, rats, insects, and other vermin. He is seen in the first episode of the TV series running for class president against Leonard and Scott, he won by one vote.[2]


Ian is seen by many to be a disgusting freak and acts as the school know-it-all, at least he used to be until Scott Leadready (Spot) arrived. One of the many gross habits Ian possesses is that he likes to keep change (mainly quarters) in his ears, making them dirty and covered in ear wax when seen by others. He has an unrequited obsession with one of the girls in the class, Ruth, and even goes as far as giving her assorted chocolates with his pet worms in them on Valentine's Day; as she runs away screaming, Ian tries to redeem himself by trying to give her his back-up gift (a real heart placed in jar that he bought from the butcher's).[3]


Ian's parents

Ian's parents

His mother is the school nurse at Fala D. Roosevelt Elementary School,[4] although she is never shown at her job and makes her sole appearance in the episode "Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie". His father is a little league baseball coach, as shown in "Take Me Out of the Ball Game". He also appears in "Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie" and "A Dog for All Seasons". In their debut appearance, Ian's parents are shown to be just as eccentric and fun-loving as their son. The film reveals he has an uncle, Dr. Ivan Krank. As Krank does not share Ian's last name, he is most likely his mother's brother. Additionally, the episode "Bad Fur Day" reveals that Ian has an unnamed sister and an aunt named Monique, who owns a poodle.


In the show, Ian is a disgusting weirdo nerd who does disgusting things with his invisible friend, Moltar. Ian is typically shown doing rather gross things, such as feeding his belly button liquids and eating insects.

Episodes that focus on Ian or have him play an important role include: "Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie" (when he celebrates his birthday), "One Dog's Junk" (when he buys Spot's Squeaky Burger toy) and "Don't Bite the Hound That Feeds You" (when he allows Spot's fleas to live on him instead).

In one episode, he mocks Scott for having a squeaky toy which belonged to Scott as a puppy. Later, he gives Spot back his toy after he outbids Pretty Boy and Jolly on a rare, mint-conditioned version of the toy on eBay.[5]


In the movie, he has a larger role than in the show. He was grounded for a week for hacking into Buckingham palace and he is revealed to be the nephew of Dr. Ivan Krank, the main antagonist of the movie.

When his uncle trapped Leonard and Spot in a metal cage, Spot had to tell Ian about his identity as Scott, one of the few people in the entire series who learned about his true identity. He let them free with his computer hacking skills in exchange for a slimy old chew toy. When Krank arrives, he grounds Ian for the rest of the summer for helping Scott and Leonard escape.

While Scott and Leonard go out and buy stuff, Ian calls his parents and tells them how frightened he is about staying with his uncle but likes it anyway.

He is not seen again until near the end when Krank is turned into a mouse.


  • He was based on a young boy that Bill and Cheri Steinkellner's daughter went to school with when she was in the fourth grade who used to eat school supplies.[6]
  • He is voiced by Rob Paulsen[7][8]
  • He likes his Mr. Goiter (what he calls his throat bump).
  • Ian and his family are Tibetan Buddhists, as revealed in "A Dog for all Seasons".



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