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Leonard Helperman
I mean sir
Character {{{character}}}
Gender Male
Race {{{race}}}
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Family Mary Helperman (mother)
Grandma Rose (grandmother)
Spot, Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy (pets)
Fluffybear and Cuddlybuns (former pets; deceased)[1]
Appearances {{{appearances}}}
Voice Actor Shaun Fleming

Leonard Amadeus Helperman[2] (voiced by Shaun Flemming)[3][4] is Spot's owner and the main character of Teacher's Pet. He is picked on at school because his mother is the teacher, and is not popular. He wishes Spot would stop this silly masquerade and return home to be his dog.


Leonard is Spot's master and best friend. He is very unpopular because his mom is the teacher and he has very weak social skills. All of the other kids either ignore or bully him. He has a crush on Leslie Dunkling, a girl in his class. With the exceptions of Scott and Leslie, he doesn't have any friends at school. He is very loyal to his pets, obeys his mother, and will do anything for Leslie no matter how difficult it may be. Over the series, he tries to get Spot to go back to act like a regular dog but always fails. Overall, Leonard is considered a geek and is mostly left out when it comes to school events or parties. 


Leonard is a kind, moralistic, honest, friendly, and loyal child. Despite all that he doesn't have friends except for Spot/Scott, Leslie, Jolly, and Pretty Boy. Leonard can be very nervous and meek when it comes to school or his rivalry with Spot/Scott. He is also known to be very insecure of himself due to his mom being the teacher of his class and feels that no one likes him. His low self-esteem is caused by being unpopular. He has been filled with grief and loneliness since Leslie stopped hanging out with him. Leonard is generally kind and caring but is also be negative and over-analyzing most of the time while taking parting Spot's risky plans and his own life as the school whipping boy. Leonard is almost always punished or beat up when he gets involved in Spot's "amazing plans". He gets really annoyed by Spot/Scott's actions and sometimes hates him for it, but in the end the two reconcile and remember how much they mean each other.


Leonard is a ten year old boy with very pale white skin and orange hair. His outfit consists of a navy blue sweater with a red stripe in the middle, yellow slacks, and blue formal shoes.


Leonard is the son of Mary Helperman, his fourth grade teacher. He is sometimes overwhelmed by his mother's love for him, but does appreciate her deep down. His grandmother, Rose, usually visits Leonard every Thanksgiving, which he always regrets due to her kissing Leonard repeatedly and playing "I've got your nose" with him.

Prior to adopting Spot, he owned two other dogs: Fluffybear and Cuddlybuns. Spot is upset to learn he wasn't Leonard's first dog, and feels betrayed, but finds comfort in the fact the other dogs weren't as smart as him.

As his mother mentions in "Tallulahpalooza", his great-great grandparents immigrated from Dublin to the United States, which means Leonard is of Irish heritage.


Leonard wants to be a normal kid and is embarrassed that his mom is his teacher. At school, he meets Scott Leadready II and becomes jealous of him. He soon finds out that Scott is really his dog and reluctantly agrees to let Scott stay by the end of the first episode. He has a large crush on his next-door neighbor and classmate, Leslie (even though she likes Spot/Scott more). Leonard's father never makes an appearance in the show. In one episode, it's revealed that Leonard had 2 other dogs before he had Spot.


In the movie, Leonard is the co-star and Spot is the main hero, unlike the show. Leonard follows his mother to the awards ceremony in Florida leaving his pets at home. Later, Spot follows Leonard to Florida to meet Dr. Ivan Krank. When they get there, Spot isn't turned into a child, but instead a man (which is Spots age in dog years). After escaping from a cage, they earn $500 and spend it on cool stuff.

When they meet Mary back at the RV park, she starts to fall for Scott which makes Leonard furious and he wants Spot to get out of his life and they both say they never wanna see each other again. Leonard even said "So I think you should leave me and my mom alone!". Leonard even says that he wishes Spot wasn't his dog and Spot says he wishes Leonard was never his master.

The next day, Leonard meets his other pets when they arrive and decides to turn into a dog to be with Spot. But, when he gets there, he realizes he has been tricked and he's gonna be used as bait to lure Spot and then Krank will have the man and the dog and they'll be two media freaks for the price of one. At the lab, Spot saves Leonard and the machine blows up and turns Spot into a pile of dust.

Angry and crying, Leonard kicks the machine and it zaps Spot again turning him back into a dog. At the end, he gives Spot back his collar making him his dog again and he and Leslie share their first kiss.

Relationships with other CharactersEdit

Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready IIEdit

Tumblr ma0ebs4Rom1r3jtxx
Spot is Leonard's pet dog, best friend, and his social/academic rival. In the first episode, Leonard didn't want to go to school because everyone hates him and just spend time with his dog and his other pets. Leonard is very loyal to his dog even if it means dressing up as his mother, taping the whole air show, and giving him up for him to have his dream. At school, Leonard and Scott can become arch-rivals and can get very competitive with each other when there is a test, a game, or an audition. But, whether it's helping Leonard impress Leslie or helping Scott deal with one of his burdens they always stick by each other and help them when they need each other the most. Usually, Spot/Scott has plans that usually get Leonard punished, sent to detention, or beat up, but they still remain friends. In the movie, their friendship is put to the test when Spot/Scott is turned into a man and he decides to marry his mom and be his step-dad. Leonard loses his temper and they say they want each other to get out of their lives. At the end, when Spot is changed back to normal, they make up and become friends again.

Pretty Boy and Mr. JollyEdit

Tumblr ma0eofKg1z1r3jtxx
 Leonard always turns to Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly for help when he and Spot needs them the most. He does not appreciate it when they're in danger, such as Tallulah trying to hurt them and eat Pretty Boy, or when Jolly is in a stone funk. In the movie, when Leonard missed having Spot and was holding a grudge at him, Jolly and Pretty Boy arrived on the scene and Leonard was like "oh it's you". Pretty Boy was mad about this and they decided to leave but Leonard quickly apologized and was glad that they were in Florida and he never needed anyone more. Leonard has a great friendship with his 3 pets.

Leslie DunklingEdit

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.37.57 AM
Leslie is Leonard's classmate and love interest. They have known each other since Leonard was 1 year old and he became Leslie's playmate. When 4th grade came, she decided to not hang out with him as much, but they remained good friends. Leonard tries to talk to Leslie but becomes nervous when attempting to do so. The episodes revolving around their relationship are, A Lick is Still A Kiss, Taint Valentines Day, All About Eavesdropping, Double Dog Dare, Inspector Leadready II, and What's Sweat Gotta Do With It?. Leslie does however have feelings for Leonard and even once admitted she thinks he is cute.


  • He likes his sock puppet Lamont ("One Dog's Junk").
  • Leonard has a singing talent, as shown in some episodes.
  • He is the second Disney character to be voiced by Shaun Fleming, with Max Goof from Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas being the first. Following this role, he would play Jim and Tim Possible from Kim Possible and Keoni Jameson in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.[5]


For more pictures and screenshots of Leonard click here


  1. Mentioned in "Tallulahpalooza"
  2. Stated in "Escaping Dog Trick" and "Science Not Fair"

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