Leslie Dunkling
Leslie Dunkling
Character Leslie Dunkling
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Family Mrs. Dunkling (mother)
Appearances Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet: The Movie
Voice Actor Mae Whitman

Leslie Dunkling[1] (voiced by Mae Whitman[2][3]) is Leonard's love interest. She tolerates Leonard but likes Spot/Scott better.


She and Leonard were best friends since both were in daycare, and they were inseparable, until the fourth grade came and she decided to stop hanging out with him because he's a boy, and began hanging out more with the other girls in class. But they still remained good friends. Leonard has a crush on her, but he can hardly talk to her, often getting tongue-tied when trying to reveal his true feelings. Leslie's best friend is Younghee Mandel-Baum a Korean-American student who is also one of Leonard's many bullies. Leslie is the most popular girl in the class, particularly with the boys. Leslie is very rich, kind, sweet, and intelligent.


Leslie breaks the popular/rich girl stereotype, as she is not spoiled and talks to almost all the other students in class with respect.

Physical Appearance

Leslie is a 10 year old girl with pale skin, and long navy blue hair. She wears a red long sleeve blouse and blue skirt, red shoes, and golden pearl earrings.


Teacher's Pet

Leslie is Leonard's love interest and a girl in school, who really likes Scott. Like the other humans, she's too ignorant to tell that Spot and Scott are one and the same. The most notable episodes that focus on her and Leonard's relationship are: A Lick is Still A Kiss, What's Sweat Gotta Do With It?, Taint Valentines Day, Inspector Leadready II, Double Dog Dare, and All About Eavesdropping.

Relationships with other characters

Leonard Helperman (friend and possible love interest)

Leslie and Leonard have been best friends since they were babies. They were inseparable, until the 4th grade when she decided to not hang out with him as much because he's a boy, but they remained good friends. Leonard is madly in love with Leslie but she doesn't know that. However, Leslie does have strong feelings for him. 

Younghee Mandel-Baum (best friend)

Younghee is Leslie's best friend. They are often seen hanging out together.

Spot/Scott (friend)

Leslie adores Spot and enjoys playing with him when he is a dog. As Scott Leadready II, Leslie admires him for his amazing talents, speeches and brain smarts.


  • "Cool purple bunny backpack!"
  • "Nice fire truck pajamas!"


  • She loves her Mrs. Fluffington doll.


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