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Mr. Jolly
Mr Jolly
Character Mr. Jolly
Gender Male
Race Cat
Occupation Family Cat
Status Alive
Family Mary Helperman (owner)
Leonard Helperman (master)
Spot Helperman, and Pretty Boy (brothers)
Appearances Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet: The Movie
Voice Actor David Ogden Stiers

Mr. Jolly is voiced by David Ogden Stiers. He is Leonard's cat. He's overweight and cowardly. He has a major crush on Tallulah Stickler, but his fear of the outside and her evil nature prevents romance.

Leonard's mom got Jolly from an animal shelter when he was little.


Mr. Jolly is a big blobby romantic tabby cat. He will never in his nine lives understand why Spot would wanna go to school, be rivals with his master, and go outside with animal control cops, coyotes, and traffic jams. He was raised by his mother and his father abandoned him when he was still with his litter. Eventually, he was sent to an animal shelter as a kitten and a woman named Mary and her 5 year old son, Leonard came and adopted him. 


Jolly is a romantic, gluttonous, neurotic, lazy, and cowardly tabby. He enjoys watching tv and tuna fish, he once wrote a letter to a sexy fashion model. He is in love with Tallulah despite her evil nature. 


Jolly is a fat tabby cat with orange fur, a blue nose, and black stripes.


Mr. Jolly stays at home with Pretty Boy, Leonard's bird and they have adventures of their own while Scott and Leonard are at school. He left the house twice.

In one, Leonard brought him for pet day, while Scott brought Pretty Boy.

In another, he and Pretty Boy went to Leonard's school again because they thought they were each missing.


In the movie, he and Pretty Boy go on a road trip to find Spot to warn him about Dr. Ivan Krank.

After getting lost in Cuba, and arriving by a viaduct they make it to Leonard and they find out hats happened to Spot.

When Leonard goes to turn into a dog, Spot (as a man) shows up and they warn hi about Leonard going to the lab. And they go to save him.

At the lab, Jolly is turned into a butt-ugly man for a few seconds. When Krank is turned into a mouse, Jolly chases him outta the lab.

At the end, Spot (who is a dog again) has a plan on how to get home. He dresses up as Scott and Jolly and Pretty Boy are hiding under the bed.


  • He's similar to Garfield.
  • Jolly speaks in a Shakespearean manner.
  • Jolly is currently the last character to be originally voiced by David Ogden Stiers.
  • His birthday is unknown.
  • He has a father.
  • Mr.Jolly he is similar to Helimich in A Bug's Life


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