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Season 1
Number 1
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U.S. Air Date September 9, 2000
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Muttamorphosis is the first episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. 


Spot Helperman is tired of staying at home and waiting for the masters to return from his owner's daily journey to school, so he pretends to be a boy and goes to school. When their rivalry begins, Spot, Leonard, and Ian decide to run for class president.


  • When Mrs. Helperman is about to announce the winner, Scott is standing in front of the class next to Ian and Leonard. When she finally announces the winner and the entire class cheers, Scott can be seen sitting at his desk cheering along with the rest of the class. Afterwards he's back at the front of the class standing next to Leonard.
  • Leonard's hair changes back and forth between orange and blue in one scene.
    Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 5.42.54 PM
  • In the original airing, Pretty Boy says "Your disguise looks like something some guy created off a comic book" he is referring to the Superman franchise which was an inspiration for Spot's "Scott" costume. This was due to the fact that Gary Baseman knew how absurd it was that everyone was too ignorant to tell Clark Kent is Superman because he wears glasses.
Disney's Teacher's Pet - S01E01 - Muttamorphosis22:50

Disney's Teacher's Pet - S01E01 - Muttamorphosis


  • There is a English recording both online and a better quality version of it as a special feature on the Teacher's Pet Movie DVD. A Russian dub has also been found, although the sound is poor, with white noise constantly going on in the background 1.

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