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No Substitutions Please
Season 2
Number 9
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U.S. Air Date January 19, 2002
Previous The Grass Seed is Always Greener
Next Dont Make My Brown Eyes Green

No Substitutions, Please is the ninth episode from Season 2 and is the twenty sixth episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


Mary is sick so she has a substitute replace her for the next few days. Everyone except Scott likes her because of his canine super sense and he decides to play nasty pranks on her.


  • Moral: Pranks are only funny if everyone is laughing.
  • Scott should have been concerned when chocolate milk fell on him since he could get sick (or even die) if he consumed enough of it since it's poisonous for dogs.
  • This episode shares similarities to the Recess episode "The Substitute". Both shows aired on One Saturday Morning on ABC, though by the time this episode premiered, Recess had already finished its' run and had gone into repeats.
    (MIRRORED) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty One - S02E08 - No Substitutions, Please21:09

    (MIRRORED) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty One - S02E08 - No Substitutions, Please

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