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One Dog's Junk
Season 2
Number 18
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U.S. Air Date March 1, 2002
Previous To Bee or Not to Bee
Next Team Scott

One Dog's Junk is the eighteenth episode from Season 2 and is the thirty fifth episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


When Spot goes nuts over the loss, he starts acting like a rabid dog when Ian mocks him over the toy (thus creeps out the other kids). When everyone demands to know why Scott is acting like a total spaz, he goes into a dramatic speech to tell them his love for the toy and the memories that come along with it. After a moment of silence from the classmates, he questions if anyone else loves something childish and they do: Leonard loves his sock puppet, Lamont, Leslie loves her Mrs. Fluffington doll, Chelsey loves her pink pillow, bunky, Kelsey loves her fuzzy muzzy ( a slipper), Ruth loves her blankie, Ian loves Mr. Goiter (his throat bump), and Principal Strickler loves his doll, Señor Senior (a Spanish doll that looks like him).
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 5.36.06 PM
In the meantime, Pretty Boy and Jolly feel bad for Spot losing his squeaky burger toy, so they decide to buy him a new one on the Internet with their recent earnings from selling stuff online

The next day, Spot a bit annoyed that after all the trouble Ian didn't give Spot back his toy. When Ian shows up, he gives Spot back his squeaky burger toy because he just outbid Pretty Boy and Jolly on a rare mint conditioned version of the toy online. The episode ends with Spot confused on what the moral is considering all that he has gone through..


  • We learn Leonard and his mom got Spot around the Christmas season when he was a newborn puppy, which is a callback to a flashback that was shown in "A Dog For All Seasons".
  • Throughout the episode, Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy end up selling stuff online, which makes you think of eBay; Mr. Jolly's online name is "Litter Lover" and Pretty Boy's is "Green and Mean".
  • When this episode first aired, Gary Baseman announced that he was working on a Teacher's Pet movie.

Availability Edit

  • An English and a widescreen Tagalog Dub version exists online.
    (FILIPINO) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Nine - S02E16 - One Dogs Junk21:22

    (FILIPINO) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Nine - S02E16 - One Dogs Junk

    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Nine - S02E16 - One Dogs Junk21:52

    Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Nine - S02E16 - One Dogs Junk

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