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Party Animal
Season 2
Number 12
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U.S. Air Date January 26, 2002
Previous Mr. Jolly: Man... or Mouser?
Next What Does Sweat Have to Do with It?
Party Animal is the twelfth episode from Season 2 and is the twenty ninth episode of Teacher's Pet overall.  


It's Leonard's 10th birthday and Scott knows he hasn't had a great birthday since he was five, so he organizes a surprise party for him and Leonard soon finds out without Scott and the others knowing and must pretend to be surprised.


  • Moral: You never know what can happen until it happens for real.


An English VHSrip/Widescreen version, and Filipino Dub exists online.

(FILIPINO) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Three - S02E10B - Party Animal10:40

(FILIPINO) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twenty Three - S02E10B - Party Animal

Disney's Teacher's Pet - S02E10B - Party Animal10:37

Disney's Teacher's Pet - S02E10B - Party Animal

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