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Pet Project
Season 1
Number 2
Production Code {{{productioncode}}}
U.S. Air Date September 16, 2000
Previous Muttamorphosis
Next Movin' on Pup

Pet Project is the second episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. 


Spot tries to pass off Mr. Jolly as his pet cat and Leonard writes about Pretty Boy when the kids have to write and recite an essay on their pets.


  • Moral: Don't let competition get the better of you.
  • This episode takes place a week after the first episode's plot. 
  • Spot's other dog friends seem to have a slight dislike towards him now since he masquerades as a boy, which is also shown in other episodes.
(Better Recording) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Two - S01E02 - Pet Project22:21

(Better Recording) Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Two - S01E02 - Pet Project

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