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Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy
Character Pretty Boy
Gender Male
Race Bird
Occupation Family Bird
Status Alive
Family Mary Helperman (owner)
Leonard Helperman (master)
Mr. Jolly, and Spot Helperman (brothers)
Appearances Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet: The Movie
Voice Actor Jerry Stiller

Pretty Boy is Leonard's pet bird who stays at home with Mr. Jolly. He's a mean spirited and sarcasitic bird. He does whatever he can to help his friends and is an honest guy. He's voiced by Jerry Stiller of Stiller and Meara.


Pretty Boy is a bossy, big-mouthed canary with a Napoleon complex. He yells at everyone for everything. He loves seed bells and soaps. He also has a wonderful singing voice.


Pretty Boy is a canary with green feathers, and an orange beak.


Pretty Boy is featured I. The subplots of the series along with Jolly the Cat and they have adventures of their own. They however left the house 2 times in the series, when they thought they were each missing and when Leonard and Scott brought them on pet day. In one episode, Pretty Boy migrated and Scott and Leonard went to get him back.

In the future, he has a son named Maurice who is owned by the now 23 year old Leonard, his wife Leslie, and his son Scott.


In the movie, he stays at home with Spot and Jolly while Leonard and his mom are on vacation. After spot leaves to see Dr. Ivan Krank, he and Jolly cover for him.

Later, they find out that Dr. Krank turns animals into mutants and go to save Spot.

After getting lost in Cuba, they get to Florida by a garbage truck and find Leonard and they find out about what happened to Spot. Spot (who is now a man) arrives and they warn him that Leonard's gonna turn into a dog.

When they get to the lab, a battle and an explosion begins turing Krank into a mouse and Spot back to a dog.

Afterwards, they hid under the RV's beds to get home as part of Spot's plan.


  • Pretty Boy's voice actor, Jerry Stiller also played Uncle Max in Lion King 1 1/2.
  • In one episode, Pretty Boy gets the last line: "When we get home, I'm gonna give him such a peck on the--".
  • In the show, Pretty Boy sings operatically, but in the movie, he sings in his normal voice.


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