Tallulah Strickler
Char 39694
Character Talluah
Gender Female
Race Cat
Occupation Pet
Status Alive
Family Prinicpal Strickler (owner)
Appearances Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet: The Movie
Voice Actor Tress MacNellie

Tallulah Strickler is a Principal Strickler's cat and a main villain of the show. She is one of the very few people that know that Scott's actually a dog.


When Strickler is around, Tallulah acts all sweet and playful, but when it comes to Scott, Leonard, and Pretty Boy she's evil and hyper. The most notable episodes that revolve around her talking are Tallulahpalooza, and Saving Mr. Jolly. She also knows that Scott is a dog and always tries to get people to notice as well. She often hides her evil personality from Strickler.


Talluah has brown and pink fur, yellow eye, and long whiskers. It appears that she is some sort of Siamese cat.