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Season 1
Number 15
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U.S. Air Date January 6, 2001
Previous A Dog for all Seasons
Next Saving Mr. Jolly

Tallulahpalooza is the fifteenth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1.


The weekend has come and Leonard has challenged Scott to a round of lazer tag and a pizza eating contest at the mall which is what Leonard hopes to finally beat Scott at. However, Strickler has to go to a principals convention and his mother cant take care of Tallulah overnight, he asks Mary to take care of her for him to which she agrees to. Scott is shocked because he cant come to lazer tag with Leonard and the worst part is, Tallulah would know he's really a dog, Leonard sees this as an opportunity to finally win at something and impress the others. But, Scott has a plan to get outta this mess. At home, Tallulah arrives and Mr. Jolly falls in love with her. When Strickler leaves, Tallulah proves to be the worst cat to take care of as she wreaks the house and nearly jeopardizes Spot's plan as she almost makes him spill the beans about his identity as Scott Leadready.


  • Moral: A good deed is it's own reward but may also pay off later.
  • We learn that Leonard had two other dogs before he had Spot.
  • This is the first episode where Tallulah talks. She happens again in the next episode "Saving Mr. Jolly".
  • Strangely, Wallace Shawn is not credited for voicing Principal Strickler in this episode, despite voicing him in it.
Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twelve - S01E12 - Tallulahpalooza22:25

Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Twelve - S01E12 - Tallulahpalooza

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