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The Flipper
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Season 2
Number 25
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U.S. Air Date April 12th, 2002
Previous Attack of the 50 Inch Girl
Next The Blight Before Christmas

The Flipper is the twenty fifth episode from Season 2 and is the forty second episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


At school, kids are "flipping" cards, where you throw cards into a circle, and whoever gets the closest to the circle gets the other player's cards. Scott is fantastic at it, while Leonard is terrible. Scott teaches Leonard how to play, and Leonard becomes better than Scott, and wins everyone's cards. So, Scott wants to get his mojo back and beat Leonard. In the meantime, Mr. Jolly makes buildings out of cards as Pretty Boy does various methods to blow it down.


  • Moral: If you want to be good at something, you have to keep at it. 

Availability Edit

This episode is only available as a Filipino widescreen dub.

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