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The Nose Knows
Season 2
Number 28
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U.S. Air Date May 3rd, 2002
Previous All About Eavesdropping
Next Dont Bite the Hound That Feeds You

The Nose Knows is the twenty eighth episode from Season 2 and is the forty fourth episode of Teacher's Pet overall.


Scott insists that the cafeteria's Thursday Surprise is the dog food he ate as Spot in the morning, but when he gets in trouble for saying this, he needs to prove this without blowing his cover when Principal Stickler questions how he could possibly know this


  • This was a comic in Disney Adventures and now it has been made longer. The comics can be downloaded here.
  • In the comic version, the Weekenders make cameos on the show that Leonard and Spot were watching.

Availability Edit

An English and a widescreen Tagalog Dub version exists online. The English version is missing a few seconds near the end of the episode, but the Filipino version has the episode in full.

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