Younghee mandlebom

Younghee Mandel-Baum

Younghee Mandel-Baum[1] is a Korean-American student in Leonard's class and is Leslie's best friend. Like all the other kids, she was always insulting Leonard and making fun of him. However, it's later revealed she does this as she has a crush on him and doesn't know how to tell him ("Taint Valentine's Day"). Younghee's parents are owners of a Korean restaurant ("Fifi").

Younghee's parents

Younghee and her parents


Younghee is a 10 year old little girl with green skin and black hair. She wears a yellow tank top, red shorts, and black Mary Janes.


  • Younghee is similar to Helga from the Hey Arnold franchise. They both bully the main character but actually have crushes on them.
  • She is voiced by Lauren Tom.[2][3]


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  1. As shown in "Fifi"

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